about mum

I'm a mom. I have a GREAT mom. Heck, I even have a GREAT stepmom and a GREAT mom-in-law.

But Mum Stationery is actually a little bit about my dad.

My parents encouraged creativity when I was growing up. There were always art supplies readily available, always fresh sheets of paper, always time built into every day to make ideas dance on pages. 

When I was about 7, my architect dad helped design a restaurant in our beautiful town. I remember seeing the sketches: squiggly ideas on pages. I remember blueprints rolled with thin rubber bands and then fanned across plywood and sawhorse desks. Builders, carpenters, decorators, painters: ideas were buzzing everywhere and they were becoming something. The name of the place? Mum's. 

Flash forward. I'm ready for my ideas to become something.

I hope you enjoy.